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@The Marie Laurencin Museum opened in 1983 in commemoration of the one-hundredth year since Marie Laurencin's birth. The museum, which started with some 100 works from the personal collection of museum director Masahiro Takano, has grown over the years and undergone extensive remodeling to become the only art museum in the world dedicated to the work of French artist Marie Laurencin. The museum treasury currently consists of more than 500 works, encompassing pieces spanning Laurencin's career, including drawings from her sketch books as an art student to the last major work of her later years. In addition to oil paintings, water colors, sketches, and prints, the museum has an extensive collection of her personal effects, such as illustrated books and collections of poems, correspondence written in her own hand, and report cards from her years at lycce.
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ExhibitionsbAbout Marie LaurencinbAbout Musée Marie Laurencin bVisitor Information